Monday, 20 May 2019

BGB Blitz

Last week Jen1, Marilyn, and I had a marathon sewing session (Geri's Academy of Sewing - LOL) at Jen's place making Bionic Gear Bags. This bag is an adaptation of the Sew Together Bag.

Jen and Marilyn's 'homework' was to cut, interface, and label all the pieces beforehand. We set to work and sewed all day with a break for lunch - Marilyn's delicious carrot soup.

Jen was a real keener and in addition to prepping all her pieces, she sewed all the pieces and pockets to the zippers ahead of time.

We set up in Jen's dining room. 

Because Jen had a head start, she was able to finish her bag.
I love the 'bee' theme and the lovely, yellow honeycomb fabric in the zipper pockets.
Marilyn did great for a person fairly new to sewing. This is a very ambitious project and she got the bag all finished except for the long zipper. At one point we thought she had sewn some of the pieces in the wrong order as we couldn't get the side pieces to fit. What a bummer! But Jen took a look at it and realized one of the pieces had just been mistakenly rotated 180 degrees. So we unpicked the stitches, rotated the piece into its correct place, and sewed it back up. Yay! It was an easy fix!
Here are our three bags. I had all my sewing tools in mine to transport them to Jen's. Now when I sew, I have it open right beside me with everything within easy reach.
I helped Marilyn finish the last zipper on her bag.
I like all the primary colours.
It looks pretty spiffy all zipped up.

There was a lot of pressure on them to forge ahead and keep sewing but they did a fantastic job. I'm so impressed at the improvement in both their sewing skills. What a fun and productive day!

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