Sunday, 26 January 2020

Taking A Break from Packing

Skip and I have been working hard amassing our most coveted belongings to take south with us. When staying longer than a couple of weeks and having a condo, it's more than a vacation, so we like to take items to make our stay more comfortable and home-like.

We can still get everything into Skip's car without obstructing any windows.

This morning, while packing some things to take, I had occasion to sort through a bunch of clothes I hadn't worn in a while and made a big donation pile. I also have been hunting for some items I haven't seen in a while and would like to take. So far I haven't found my white crochet cotton but I did find a cross-stitch kit that was given to me years ago by a dear stitching friend. It includes the Victoria Sampler pattern, fabric, and threads - many of which are specialty threads (hand dyed silk).
I've been hunting for it off and on for quite a while so I'm really glad I found it. I also now possess the skills to finish it properly as a bell pull, folding back the edges and doing the hemming stitches.

I also unearthed this crewelwork pillow kit that I remember starting a couple of years ago at our Elim retreat.
It has several stitches that we'll be using on our alphabet sampler. I love the wool that I'm using for it.

I had a heck of a time sorting the yarn colours so I contacted the designer. About a year later I received her colour samples in the mail. By this time I had mislaid the pillow kit.
I have now united the colour card and the kit.

This is how far I got.
Let's see how much more I get done while I'm away.

There's more packing to do. Gotta go.

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