Tuesday, 1 September 2020

This Came Today!

A couple of weeks ago Teresa Kogut asked if I minded doing another stitching model for her - this time on dark fabric. I told her I was fine with that. On her last FlossTube channel (or maybe the one before) she mentioned she had sent a couple of projects off to her stitchers. 

I hadn't received anything by yesterday so I emailed her asking for the tracking number so I could monitor the package's progress from MI to ON. The last one she sent me took 7 weeks to get here.

She emailed me at about noon saying it had been delivered! Whoop de doo! It only took a week to get here.

I can give you a sneak peak at the 40ct fabric and threads.
Of course I had to drop everything and start it. After a few rows out from the centre I decided to do a bit of gridding, just to make sure I stay on track. 1 over 2 on 40ct is a pain to pick out if mistakes are made.

There's a LOT of stitching in this one but I'll just keep plugging away at it. I think it might be one of the charts for release at next year's Market - if there even is one.

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