Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sewin' 'n Stuff

Yesterday I made three straight-sided cosmetic bags using this tutorial. On the first bag, I used low-loft fibrefill quilt batting.

On the next two, I used light fusible interfacing.
 Then I headed off to spinning for the evening. There were 8 of us who showed up - all doing various things. Jennifer and I were spinning/plying on our Ashford Joy wheels. Rosemary was spinning on her funky, new SpinOlution wheel which looks like this when just pulled out of the bag and like this when ready to spin. Diane was combing some fibre in preparation for spinning and Cheryl was getting re-acquainted with her Ashford Traditional wheel she hasn't used much in the last couple of years. Donna showed up to just sit and knit. Eleanor was drop-spindling some of the fibre from sheep from Windreach Farm and Karen was spinning and at one point, teaching an inquisitive little girl how to knit while her little sister did cartwheels nearby. It was a happy gathering where we shared ideas, fondled fibre and thoroughly enjoyed all the processes that were being undertaken.

After I got home from spinning, I gave a bath to the skein of Polwarth hand-dyed yarn I had finished plying earlier. The 115g skein yielded 582 yards of two-ply. Jennifer calculated that it was light fingering weight. I really liked the denim-y colours.
Now I need to find the perfect pattern for a stole or shawl.

This afternoon, I thought I should make myself a cosmetic bag with the fabrics I selected last week. I was inspired by this photo. I liked the curve on the top of the bag and devised a way to scribe it drawing an arc using a pencil and a piece of string. I thought it would look nice if I centred the pattern I created on the fabric and cut out the outer and inner fabric pieces. I then cut out the fusible interfacing leaving a 1/4" margin all the way around.

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