Saturday, 14 September 2019

In the Garden This Morning

There is still so much going on in the garden. Painted ladies and other butterflies are still enjoying the butterfly bush.

This painted lady had a chunk out of its wing. It came back a few times to nectar on the countless blooms.
There were a couple of chunks out of this cabbage white butterfly's wings as well. It's also faded.
This one is intact and is brightly coloured. A recent eclosure perhaps?
I released two more female monarchs today.

This was the ceiling of the caterpillar castle three days ago.
I used to peel the empty chrysalids off the ceiling until I pulled a bunch of full ones off in the process as the mesh that attaches them to the ceiling is enmeshed with neighbouring ones. I now leave them until all in the area are finished.
There are 4 left. All should be finished by the last week of September.

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