Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Auditioning Pompoms

I knit a brioche cable hat. It was inspired by the Marilynn Blacketer "Brioche Cable Cap". Instead of doing a column of cables up one side of the hat, I decided to do cables all around the bottom to serve as a cuff. The cables pull the fabric in somewhat which would help keep it on one's head.
I cast on 84 sts which is a multiple of 12 = 4 sts between cables + 8 sts (4 x 4 cable).
Brioche is reversible so this is what the inside looks like.

I used an entire ball of the eggplant (darker CC) yarn and almost the full skein of the green yarn. As there wasn't enough of either to make a decent-sized pompom, Alexa said a faux fur pompom would work. I remembered I had 3 of them in my stash so thought I'd audition each one. Above is the black one. Here's a white one:
And a grey one.
I like the look of the black one best.

I still have a couple of balls of each colour of yarn so plan to make a cowl to match.

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